Wednesday, February 25, 2009


After President Obama Non Address to the Union speech. The Republicans decided to bring out the BIG GUNS to give their Republican response. And who did they use? THIS FOOL! He looks like a fucking Matradee at a cheesy Indian restaurant!

And that speech. What five year old retard wrote that bullshit?! The Republican pundits are now distancing themselves away from this speech and have been criticizing all this week. Even Republican "House Negro" Juan Williams said the shit was whack! Governor Booby Jindal gave the same old "tax cuts, no big government, Democrats love big spending" speech that cause their party to go into the dark ages! Once again, no REAL solution and to keep using Hurricane Katrina reference and blaming the federal government for the slow response (that's funny,I could have sworn there was a Republican president that was in charge of the federal government at time of Katrina).

This dude was supposed to be the future of the Republican party. Uh, I don't think so! This guy is someone who I would take their fucking lunch money in grade school! You gotta give the Republicans credit. They have now have a house Negro (Micheal Steele), a hockey mom (Sarah Palin) and now have a Indian Matradee in charge of giving their same old tired ass agenda. Their party is a fucking JOKE!

Monday, February 23, 2009



The very lame ass attempt to select Micheal Steele as your new "house Negro/Obama attack dog" to run the RNC is just another weak ass attempt to revive a dead horse. Trying to block a stimulus package failed big time and because of your poor attempt to slow don the bill from passing will come back and haunt you in 2010 in the polls. You have cried like little bitches when president Obama did not follow your bi-partisan agenda (which is to handle the bad economy with 700 billion going to tax cuts) and busting unions has failed in the past and put us in this deficit in the first fucking place. And let's not even mention putting our nation in a USELESS war in Iraq that our great grand children will be paying for years to come. And passing a Bush 700 Billion bank bailout with NO accountability other than to line the pockets for CEO and screw over the home owner it was meant to help.

Rather just sitting back and letting the new administration and Democratic house and senate majority set forward their agenda to improve the economy. You have been allow dumb asses like Eric Cantor, Rush Limbaugh, and Lindsey Graham who have desperately try to sabotage every Democratic effort possible. And the last time I checked. That fat bastard Limbaugh has NEVER held a political office nor ever been appointed to any political post in our government but yet your party kisses this drug abuser, sexist,homophobic,and racist pig fat ass! And Micheal Steele having the "Gaul" to say is going to "hip hop" the Republican party by bringing Blacks back into the party. The same party who has oppressed the African American community for decades by making them the face of welfare (even though 65 percent recipients on welfare are WHITE) incarcerating young Blacks, and disfranchising African American voters in southern states.

I could go on and on about the faults of your party. But somehow you still don't get it. You have made Bin Laden prophecy come to life by saying 911 would launch this nation into bankruptcy and cause us to lose our world standing and you still don't get it. You have single handed destroyed our nation and cause us to be China's bitch for the next 100 years and you have NOTHING to show for it except to clog up legislation in the house and senate and after 8 years of Republican rule have evaporated our national treasury with lies, fear, and intimidation.

I hope 2010 will see the final death throws of your party and reduce your political agenda to that of the " Libertarian Party"! Karma is a bitch Republicans and now you are reaping what you sewed. Now do yourself a favor and get out of 1984. It's 2009 bitches!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Finally Here! President Barack Hussein Obama!

OH HAPPY DAY!!! It's NOT a dream! This thing is actually going to happen. George Bush reign of terror is finally OVER! And what makes it sweet. He will NOT be replaced by another Republican Nazi. He will be replaced by a African American MODERATE disguised as a liberal (but that's another story).

This day is not only historic, but the most fantastic day in the past 8 years. To see those moving trucks moving boxes out of the White House brought tears to my eyes. To know that Dick and Lynn Cheney will go back to caves of HELL where they came from is overwhelming. To know that George Bush can never leave the United States in fear of possibly being captured and brought up on charges of violating 4 international treaties under the Geneva Convention regarding "torture" and being an "war criminal" is breath of fresh air!

To know that not only a Democrat will be leading our great country, but someone who has more than an ounce of common sense and will work to restore confidence in our country as well as improving the world's perception of the United States. To know the next time I see that Nazi Bush on television will be as a "former" president. Knowing that he will not have any say in how this country is ran. To know that the "decider" will be deciding on whether to have chicken or beef for dinner rather than signing off on policies that violate the constitution is "refreshing".

To see Barack Hussein Obama being sworn in as the 44th president of the United states of American will be a giant step in moving forward rather than taking 10 steps behind. America made the "right choice". And now it's time to bring our country together and bring the changes that will makes this country stronger.

BUT! I still do have problem with that "false prophet" Rick Warren giving the opening invocation but that's another story.

May God bless and protect you President Obama.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Katrina's federal response was fast?
Invading Iraq was a good thing?
and leaving on a recession after inheriting a recession?!
Now finding WMD in Iraq was a disappointment?
Our nation's standing is still great?
Wire Tapping helped us prevent another 911?

This dumb ass fucker needs to go TODAY! In fact,he should have left as of Nov 4th! His lack of pity for Katrina victims,4 million people who lost their jobs, the 3 million who lost their homes, and the 4000 soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq.

To stand at that podium and act as if his 8 years was the best he could do is a fucking JOKE! To say that it is because of his administration that we have not had another 911! FUCKER! You were doing YOUR JOB! I know you probably wanted to haul your ass back to Crawford, Texas and go fishin! But I'm sorry you had to try to do your fucking job for the past 8 years. The complete lack of self awareness is amazing. This guy is a real piece of work. A pure moron who is an embarrassment to not only his party, but his self.

No regrets other than the "mission accomplished" sign. And nothing more.

Bush. You are an asshole who I have no possible respect for. You turned this country upside down and then flushed it down the shitter. You are responsible for ruining more than 10 million lives and made half of New Orleans a 'ghost town". You have falsely imprisoned thousands of Iraqis and Afghans for years with no due process. Your administration turned it's back on bankers who got rich on the sweat and backs of others and bailed them out for 700 billion dollars with no accountability. And you have turned America's credibility into shit within a 8 year span.

Do I blame you for everything? NO! I blame the 52 million idiots who voted for you the past two elections. To even make an excuse that this man knew what he was doing before you voted for him is an joke! Those who lost their homes and voted for reap what you sew. Those who lost their job because it either moved to China or could not afford to continue and voted for reap what you sew. For those who voted for Bush because you thought that he was more competent than Gore or Kerry. You reap what you sew. YOU are responsible for this moron. You are responsible for this asshole to have a job for 8 years, you are responsible that our manufacturing jobs have moved to China, you are responsible that our nations credibility is at an all time low. Look into the mirror and ask yourself "why". No excuse in the world could ever be acceptable.

Bush.May you burn in hell and go down as the "worst president ever"

I'm outta here!

Monday, January 05, 2009


Boy has this thing got out of hand. Israel is not playing this time and once again a Jew life is worth 100 Palestinians . Now I am not going to take sides because both parties are WRONG. But if I need to speak up for the civilians and Hamas. Israel was still sending assassination teams into Gaza to kill prominent Hamas leaders a year before this conflict arise. And Israel was making it more difficult for embargo and trade to go in and out of Gaza. Which would cause the Palestinian people to stay in the same poverish state it has been since Israel withdraw out of Gaza years back.

Hamas has found it quite difficult to set up shop in Gaza and a well armed and well financed Gaza could cause trouble for Israel in the future. So it's a flip coin toss that will only lead to someone not getting their way. Bush is packing boxes and making travel plans for Texas and ain't thinking about this shit. Pass that buck onto Obama and let his ass try to make some "change". Hillary Clinton first task will most likely be trying to stop all this mess. France has stepped in and has requested the UN to get involved and try to arrange a treaty.

And of course all these "Jesus Freaks" are grabbing their bibles and hoping that the "antichrist" Obama is going to start the war so the apocalypse can begin and they can ride up to heaven and deny rights of other inside the pearly gates. Because we all know Jesus loved for people to go to big churches and have pastors who made millions while they don't have a fucking pot to piss in!

Back to the Palestinian people...........

This has to be a really horrible public relations move for Israel. Already 512 Palestinian deaths and more uncounted for. And for what?. Israel to look like they are "bad asses" in the Arab world. Without US backing Israel would have been a speck on the history books and New York would have a shit load of Deli's,Dry Cleaner, and a ton of Alteration shops. Yea... I said it!

Israel is gonna have to chill because there is no way in Hell that they are going to make Hamas disappear. And those families of the 512 lost lives are never going to be joining the Pro Israel fan club any time soon. The more you attack Gaza. The more worse you make it for yourselves in the long run. Because we all know Arabs don't back down and will hold a grudge for as long as they can.

Pull out. Stop bombing the shit out of mosques, universities, and schools. Hamas knows that these are places to hold up shop and if they are bombed those doing the bombing look like the animals. Rockets aren't shot over to Israel because Hamas feels it's a good day to take out hundreds of Palestinians lives with counter attacks! If you can't talk to them. Send someone in there who can. Despite what we think. Hamas ain't going nowhere. So diplomacy is really the only option. You are in the middle of a Arab sandwich over there and one wrong move can cause a Jihad like no other.

As for the US. Stay out of this bullshit. We got enough problems of our own. A nation that is teetering of bankruptcy and a over spent military. This is the recipe of how great nations take a dive and a new one rises from behind. In other betta recognize!

I'm outta here!